BEAUTIFUL CHAOS’ HOST JAYE                         Photo taken in New York City.

Beautiful Chaos is hosted by gorgeous Australian actress, Jaye!

No surprise, Jaye has a natural, innate ability to show you just how much beauty there is in life, beauty in & fun in travel.

Jaye has always had a passion for travel, adventure, people, culture, music, stories of course the performing arts. She started traveling independently of her family as a performer at 16 and as an independent, adventurous, wanderlust seeker at 17 years old, when she set off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It’s her love of people & story telling as well as her innate ability to see the beauty in real life experience, that sets her apart. We then bring that to you & that is Beautiful Chaos!

Jaye started her on camera career & working professionally at the age of 7 years old. She’s worked on Voice Over, Animated Features, Film, TV series & live performance. Her love of story telling has also led her to narrate audiobooks!
While her love of the arts started from a very early age (she started dance classes at 3 years old) she explored all areas of performance arts, including modeling & by the time she was 15 was also dancing professionally & co-producing performances for live events. At a young age she toured the USA with a performing arts troupe, sparking her love for international travel & culture.

Jaye has performed & lived in various locations all over the world including Australia, East & West Coast of USA, Bahamas, Japan, London & Spain.

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